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Style backpack


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The style backpack stands out for its careful clothing in ribbed velvet.

This coating gives it a resolutely retro look that can be married to many clothing styles. This material provides it as a bonus of excellent resistance to wear and weather. Its small size makes it ideal for taking all its essentials by getting fell as little as possible.

During a walk in town or a trip, it can thus serve as an extra bag or handbag. the Style backpack offers a sufficiently spacious storage compartment to deposit some personal effects such as the portfolio, a novel, a notebook, some pens.

At the front, its small zip closure pocket keeps the phone on hand and a pair of headphones, for example. For effective protection against ambient humidity, it is provided with a textile lining.

  • Main material: ribbed velvet
  • Gender: Woman
  • Type of backpack: External framework
  • Interior: Inner slit pocket
  • Handle/bracelet type: flexible handle
  • Article type: backpacks
  • Closure type: zipper
  • Portage system: Ar asy shoulder belt
  • Lining material: polyester


It has a resolutely modern look with its design inspired by vintage backpacks characterized by its hooded closing system, here is theWaterproof Women's Bag! If you discover our site, do not hesitate to visit our collection pagesWomen's backpackFor always more choices!

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