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The inviolable backpack is not lacking in ingenuity with its dorsal opening offering a secure storage option.

It allows you to effectively arrange all the cases carried away such as identity papers, portfolio, telephone.

It is therefore particularly suitable for the needs of connected nomads concerned with their organization. His neat conception in Oxford and his finishes give him a resolutely modern look. These materials are also very robust for wear, snags and small tears. He can thus accompany women for several years.

The compartment of inviolable backpack is spacious enough to accommodate all kinds of documents or a spare hold for sport, for example. For the personal effects that you always want to keep at hand, you may prefer your zipped external pocket.

the inviolable backpack Complete with comfort in the back with its straps with adjustment loops to adjust them as close as possible to the size and morphology of its carrier. Its small handle allows you to carry it by hand or hang it on a coat door.

It has a resolutely retro and relaxed look with its polyester coating and its back closing system, heretheAnti -theft woman backpack.

  • Main material: Oxford
  • Technique: embossing
  • Gender: Woman
  • Backpack type: flexible backpack
  • Interior: Inner slit pocket
  • Interior: Pocket for mobile phone
  • Interior: Inner pocket with zipper
  • Interior: Interior compartment
  • Handle/bracelet type: flexible handle
  • Article type: backpacks
  • Closure type: zipper
  • Exterior: silt pocket
  • Portage system: arched shoulder strap
  • Lining material: polyester


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