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The most beautiful of the backgrounds expect you to accompany our unicorn satchel.

But that's not all, our satchel is accompanied by a kit and an additional small bag for walks with mom!

This backpack with a classic shape inspired by Eastpak style, city and sober. Its dimensions are 43x30x13cm, Perfect for transport of everything you need during your child's little education.

You can just find here, our collection Backpack.

Unicorns prints are colorful and funny, mitigating for the child the stress of return to primary school. Let’s forget that a child's satchel is often the first thing that his little comrades will see of him and it is often thanks to his schoolbag that the first contacts are formed.

Designed to hold several years, the big schoolbag is planned to last. For this, it has an interior intercalaire for the most fragile objects as well as a zipped pocket and an additional pocket which takes the form of a zipped net as well. Outside we have the classic zipped central pocket as well as pockets on the side for bottles or umbrella.

The unicorn satchel was created to be used as a daily transport tool. It is also perfect for small trips to town.

In short we have it, Three unicorn product who will make a Wonderful gift For your children!

Always so cute we have in the same collection the Bear satchel. 

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