10 sacs a dos pour aller au bureau

Traditionally, office workers and other managers are supposed to wear a briefcase to go and return from work. Of course, the briefcases are not really practical for modern means of transport, because they require renouncing the use of a hand to transport them. This is probably one of the main reasons why, at least lately, it has become much more acceptable to use something more practical, like a backpack, for your work bag.

Not only do the emblematic backpacks allow you to have your hands free, but they can distribute the load for more comfort during your journey, they are often more spacious (which means that they can transport more equipment) and - Most often, nowadays - they have a certain protection against bad weather. Of course, the backpack that you choose to take to the office will suit you much better if it has a style suitable for yours. It is in this spirit that we have established the following list of 10 best backpack Office According to several criteria.

Best backpack for all: single backpack

10 back bags to go to the office

Here, for you, a simple backpack that will accompany you in your daily life.

We present a bag to you with a capacity of 20 liters. Its dimensions are 43 cm x 12.5 cm x 30 cm allowing the transport of a 15 inch laptop. With solid and reinforced straps for a comfortable journey, it will be the perfect ally for your work. Inside you will find a pocket for your mobile phone and a laptop interlayer.



The best for men: checkered backpack

checkered backpack

A checkered backpack that will make jealous with a superb leather effect.

A classic bag with a capacity of 20 liters, its dimensions are 31.5 cm x 43 cm x 12 cm. It has multiple interior pockets, one specially to do for your mobile. It is equipped with a USB socket on the side for the use of portable charger.



Best bag for laptops: backpack transport pc portable

Backpack transport pc portable

Backpack transport pc portable

A backpack for transporting your laptop. For perfectly in order.

Beautiful, practical and modern, these are the qualifiers for this transport bag. The closures are hidden, to fight against the Pick Pocket and ensure a journey under the sign of tranquility. The straps are able to bear until 54 kilos dump.



Best bag for women: chic backpack

Chic backpack

A most chic backpack, for fashion releases.

It's time to find a chic and useful bag. Equipped with an interior pocket to slide your phone safely, you also find a multitude ofutility pockets. The most in the design of this bag is all its golden pieces which bring out its color.



The most versatile: Business man backpack

Business man backpack

A light backpack and pleasant to wear. The essential for businessmen in the field.

A flexible backpack with a professional design. The pockets are arranged to perfectly meet your organizational need, an interlayer is specially planned to accommodate your laptop. Its dimensions are29 cm x 42 cm x 13 cm.



The best expenditure: Professional backpack men

Pro backpack for men

Here is a professional backpack for large capacity men capable of containing up to 55L for model 3.0.

Today we offer you a bag big capacity which will become an essential in the daily transport of your business. Equipped with multiple pockets, the 3.0 model offers you 6 cm De depthAdditional enough to transport laptop, back, drone and everything that goes through your head.



The best budget: black sports backpack


A black sports backpack, a simple and efficient design.

here is ablack backpackFor sport on a striped pattern. Brilliant by the simple efficiency of its look, it can transport until35 litersof equipment. Its dimensions are43 cm x 28 cm x 14 cm, which is a standard size for this type of bag.

Inside it has an interlayer for what can be transported more fragile. Outside, you can find a zipped pocket on the front of the bag, two pockets on the sides for your drinks and umbrella. There is also a pocket in the back to protect your most sensitive things.



The most original: holographic backpack

holographic bag

A holographic backpack for a street and original style.

A bag that can contain until35 liters, allowing daily use for the transport of your business. Inside you can find, a mobile phone pocket and a zipped pocket.

Large models have a dimensions of32 cm x 13 cm x 36 cm. Small models have a dimension of 25 cm x 13 cm x 25 cm. A good way to stand out with an original bag.



The most comfortable: Leather effect backpack

Leather effect backpack

A large backpack with a magnificent leather effect.

A bag of good capacity with its 35 liters, its dimensions are 47 cm x 30 cm x 17 cm. Which makes it a high -value companion when traveling. It has a pocket to store your laptop, as well as other interior pockets.



The best to travel: Vintage travel backpack

Vintage travel backpack

A vintage travel backpack for men in the field.

We offer a bag at vintage style With multiple pockets. Inside you will find, a mobile phone pocket and a zipped. There are also two compartment so a fact specially for transporting a laptop for impeccable and secure storage.

With dimensions of 46 cm x 30 cm x 17 cm and carrying up to 55 liters At the maximum, it has what you need to be a weight of weight during your trips. There is bound to be the bag you need with the six colors available. It's the transport bag Perfect for everyday life.



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