It all started in early 2021, Alexandre A. Our founder then store manager that a large French company returned from his working day by borrowing Parisian transport.

Our history

His key trousseaux in a pocket, his phone in the opposite one and his wallet in his inner jacket pocket, his outfit seemed to weigh the weight of a car and his swollen pockets gave him the air of a balloon.

It was there that he realized his desire to free himself from this burden and of course, the solution which was imposed by itself was the backpack. From there, the journey was simple, a lot of shop offered a few bags, often in a style specific to the shop or the brand visited.

After 10 years of physical commerce, this lack of centralization and the desire to embark on an e-commerce was taken as a new challenges.

Our history

After 3 months of training and creation new. First alone then quickly surrounded by a small team, this is now how a simple idea turned into a site visited by thousands of people per month, with loyal customers, a customer service to listen to you with advisers who You will personally follow from A to Z.

Because is not just a website, it is a real shop, with its staff, with your listening and always ready to advise you.

Our history

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