Sacs à dos Ralph Lauren - De quoi sont-ils faits ?

Ralph Lauren was founded in 1947 by his father, who wanted to create a brand synonymous with quality and class. The company today sells clothes, accessories and house items.

The history of Ralph Lauren bags

Ralph Lauren started by opening a small leather goods shop in New York, called "Ralph Lauren & Co.". In 1948, he started selling ties under the name of "Ralph Lauren". He then extended to other products such as handbags, wallets and scarves.

At the start, Ralph Lauren was a small business that sold ties and shirts.

Ralph Lauren started with a small leather goods shop in New York called "Ralph Lauren & Co.". In 1948, he started selling ties under the name of "Ralph Lauren". He quickly became known by his logo, which is still used today.

In the 1960s, he started selling sports clothes for women, then extended to other categories such as luggage, handbags and shoes. He also developed a line of perfumes called Sport Polo.

He also developed a new costume style called "the polo mantle". In the 1980s, Ralph Lauren became one of the biggest fashion brands in the United States.


What is the material used to make a Ralph Lauren backpack?

Ralph Lauren has been manufacturing excellent products for many years. His backpacks are no exception. They are made in durable materials. The designs are also classic and timeless.

The material used to make a Ralph Lauren backpack is generally leather, which is a very solid and durable material, easy to clean. It is also water resistant and will therefore not be easily damaged by rain or snow .. and canvas. These materials are very durable and will last years.


What makes these bags different from other brands?

Ralph Lauren backpacks have many characteristics that distinguish them from other brands. First of all, they are made from high quality materials.

This means that they will last longer than cheaper alternatives. Then they are designed to be comfortable and safe. Finally, they are offered in a number of different colors and styles.

They have a unique zipper system. They have a padded laptop padded compartment. Ralph Lauren backpacks also have a large main pocket and have an adjustable shoulder strap.

Of course, they have a flap front pocket and a zipped side pocket. Finally, they have a detachable backpack strap.

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