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Food delivery services, such as Deliveroo and Uber Eats, started as secondary activities for many, but quickly turned into significant income for certain wise people.

Like many positions in the food industry, income from the delivery of take -out dishes greatly depend on customer tips.

You are not likely to get a lot of tips if you deliver a cold pizza or a melted ice, right?

A Uber Eat backpack could be exactly what you need to harvest additional tips from customers.

After all, delivering food at the right temperature does wonders for customer satisfaction, and they tend to express their gratitude in your tip!

Let's talk about Insothermal backpack delivery, what is the best and why you need it!

What is a Uber Eats bag?

The Uber EATS bag is useful equipment for drivers because it keeps food at the right temperature longer.

The use of a reusable and isothermal delivery bag also prevents strong odors from settling in your car or in other orders!

Uber Eats offers some isothermal bags in his Online Store.

You can buy different options according to your needs, some of which specially designed for car or bicycle deliveries.

In addition, you can find a selection of fast food and collective catering delivery bags on Amazon.

Does Uber Eats offer you a bag?

Uber Eats does not provide bags to drivers.

However, the company recommends the use of a bag and offers options for sale in the Uber Eats Gear Store store.

Main characteristics of a Uber Eats bag

Choosing the right bag is more complicated than you think.

You never know what type of food or drink you will deliver, nor what time it will do.

To alleviate as many problems as possible, it is useful to choose a bag with certain key characteristics.

1. Bag size

Cars and bikes can carry bags of different sizes, so you have to think about what you plan to use for your deliveries.

If you choose a larger bag, you can transport more food and drinks.

However, if you plan to cycle, you must be able to balance the bag.

In addition, if you are investing in a too small bag, you may have to find a way to transport excess or extra-light items.

If you mainly take care of pizza deliveries, you may be focusing on the search for a pizza delivery bag.

The difference is not only the size; This means that you do not need storage of cold foods, but that you may want an extensible pizza pocket to accommodate larger commands.

A food delivery bag can be the best option for bikers.

You can find several sizes that can be used as a platform or accommodate cold foods.

Some of them have separators and cup holders to release your hands without impacting your balance center.

2. Waterproof material

Not all bags are waterproof or even water resistant.

If you are surprised by rain or snow, you may end up with wet delivery and unhappy customers.

Although non-waterproof options cost less and tend to weigh less, they may not be your best option.

It is also a good idea to search for cold or hot food delivery bags that are waterproof to avoid damage in your car.

3. Sustainability

Again, lightness is pleasant, but it is generally not the best choice.

You probably want a solid bag that can withstand greater wear.

Look for bags made with polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or resistant nylon.

Double seams along the seams are another key to sustainability.

4. Zipper, Velcro and side opening loops

How does your bag remain closed? The zipper and nylon straps with side opening loops are better and keep the closures in place.

Unfortunately, they can be bulky when trying to quickly deposit your child.

Velcro is fast and easy to open and close, but the bands deteriorate and attract debris over time.

How to get a free Uber Eats bag?

While some food delivery companies provide bags to their employees, Uber Eats does not do so.

You can buy a bag with the company logo on the Gear Store or take one yourself elsewhere.

The best Uber Eats bags for drivers

It is not easy to choose the best bag for your Uber Eats deliveries, so we wanted to help you.

We have reviewed some of the most popular options, including the ones you can buy in the Uber Eats store.

1. Uber eats tote bag

You can stand out from grubhub and postmata deliveries with a Uber Eats brand bag.

The green bag highlights the company logo so that your customers can easily identify you and have a little peace of mind.


  • Size: 15 "Large x 12" high x 9.5 "deep
  • Materials: Tear nylon, thermal leaf
  • Closure: zipper
  • Handle: yes, two straps

Two handles allow you to easily transport the tote bag, or wear it as a shoulder.

The interior in thermal film maintains food at the right temperature.

This compact bag is perfectly suited to small commands, and it is easy to transport.

The Uber Eats brand tote bag might be better with internal separators to separate food and dedicated barriers attached.

It may not be big enough to accommodate many orders.

It should be noted that the deliverers who are looking for something more suitable for cycling, Uber Eats also offers a brand isothermal backpack.

You can also try the pizza bag that can accommodate up to four pizzas.

2. XXL Kibaga Premium food delivery bag

If you process larger orders, you may want to invest in something more spacious, like a catering bag.

The Kibaga Premium catering bag is an excellent option for drivers around the world.

This XXL bag can contain a large amount of food, but it folds in a compact format for easy storage when you do not deliver.


  • Size: 23 "Large x 14" high x 15 "deep
  • Materials: nylon, thermal film
  • Closure: zipper
  • Handles: Yes, two straps and two side handles.

With two transport straps and two handles at each end, you can wear this bag in several ways.

It keeps food at the right temperature, keeps its shape and can contain several grocery bags or some pizzas and some two-beds.

There is also a transparent pocket where you can slip a poster with the logo of the food delivery company to help customers identify you.

Since you can exchange the sign, this food delivery bag could work for several services, including Instacart and Deliv.

We would like to see separators and barriers.

It would be a cooler bag if you could choose a color other than the plain black.

3. Food delivery bag isolated Freshie

Easily manage large orders with this XXL bag with barriers.

This is true, keep hot food inside and cold drinks in individual slots outside with the Freshie's delivery bag.


  • Size: 22 "Large x 14" high x 12 "deep
  • Materials: polyethylene foam, aluminum paper insulation
  • Closure: zipper
  • Handles: Yes, two shoulder straps and two side handles

This bag may be slightly smaller than the Kibaga, but it can still contain six normal size pizzas or up to three catering trays.

This is one of the most durable options available, with high quality and very resistant zipper, and two games of transport handles.

Our favorite feature for this bag may be the three cup holders on one side.

With a depth of 15 cm, these cup holders can accommodate large drinks, including bottles or thermal cups.

We would prefer internal separators, even if they are removable.

In addition, a choice of colors would be welcome, especially if you want to coordinate with the logo of the food delivery company.

Frequently asked questions

WOW! This makes a lot of information on Uber Eats bags, but we know you may still have burning questions.

Read more to find out the most popular questions and answers.

Does sell isothermal bags?

Yes, sells certain isothermal bags like this one.

However, we do not yet sell bags the size of a pizza, and many products are too small to contain more than one order.

We are actively working to solve this problem in order to offer you a more advantageous solution.

Can we buy Uber Eats bags with the company's logo?

Yes, you can buy brand bags on the Uber Eats Gear Shop store.

Is there a secondary market on which I can sell a used Uber Eats bag?

Yes, you can sell your used Uber Eats bag on online marketplaces, such as eBay.

In addition, some deliverers have indicated that they were selling used bags on local marketplaces on social media.

Final reflections on the choice of a Uber eats bag

The choice of the right Uber Eats delivery bag may require more reflection than you think.

It is not because a product is a bestseller that this is the right food delivery bag for you!

Be sure to read the product details carefully to make sure you get the right size and that it can be used as a heater or food cooler.

What must be remembered is that Uber Eats deliveryers should not be satisfied with any food medium.

If you want to earn bigger tips, it may be interesting to invest in a durable and reusable, waterproof and waterproof bag.

Remember that customers can give you more tips than they do at the initial checkout, and that an exceptional food delivery experience can make all the difference!


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