Quel sac à dos pour le collège ?

Which bag to choose for the 6th grade

It may not be the most exciting purchase that you will make before entering college, but investing in a good backpack can help make the four years that you will spend there much more pleasant.

I tried to play it cool using a bag when I was in 6th grade, but after having serious pain on the shoulder and back, I finally gave in and joined the mass of backpack carriers In the playground and I never regretted it.

College will force you to use (and luggish!) Many more books than what you are used to. Some simple tips can help you choose a good bag and avoid scoliosis. 


Make sure you have room.

You will need space for more than a simple notebook and some pens. Make sure you have a bag that can contain several books, notebooks, a tablet (if you use one), as well as everyday essential objects, such as your kit and your mobile phone in the event of an emergency.

Of course, unless you invest in a huge hiking backpack, it is unlikely that your bag can always contain all the books you need without hurting your back. This is why, when I knew that I was going to transport a lot of books in a day, I put a fabric bag in my backpack to help me endure the additional load.

Get several pockets.

The different compartments are of precious help. You can have small pockets for things like home keys and a mobile phone, and keep the books heavy elsewhere.

Most backpacks have all kinds of pockets and compartments, whether for laptops, tablet or water bottles. Some models also have an elastic system at the front, which is practical for attaching sweatshirts or sports shoes.

College backpack

The double zippers are your friends.

Backpacks with double zippers facilitate access to your bag without too much effort. Your backpack will also be safer because if one of the closures breaks, you have a rescue solution.

Speaking of broken lightning closings, some high -end backpacks are accompanied by a guarantee, which is always a good idea for short of money who cannot afford to buy a new bag each year . Ask if it's an option when you buy your bag.

Be as light as possible.


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