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In the office as in school, bring your lunch and eat it at the time of the break puts a person in his home. Practical, lunchbox have experienced a remarkable evolution.

They can easily slip into a backpack or in a work bag thanks to its various closure systems. Then take advantage of your favorite, healthy and balanced recipes during lunch or picnics with family.

Tasting bag

Lunchbox, a little story.

Lunchbox or meal box is generally made today with plastic. Originally, we took metal seals to take your midday meal with you. As the seals were not practical, they were replaced with metal boxes.

Decorated later with cartoon images, the lunchbox took a more attractive appearance especially for children. This idea will later attract designers to make them Personalized lunchbox.

These meal boxes then became inseparable both at work and at school. Later, plastic lunchboxes appeared to be easier to wear and compartments inside add a practical side to put diversified, healthy and balanced meals.

20L isothermal bag

How to prepare your meal bag?

There is sometimes a lack of time to prepare your healthy and balanced meals. Optimizing your time so that every day you can enjoy your homemade dishes and save money.

To do this, you can draw up a weekly menu schedule. Make sure that your lunch contains starchy foods, proteins, calcium intake and fibers.

Also, do the kitchen in large, that is to say, prepare several dishes at a time and put them directly in your lunchboxes ready to go to the fridge.

In the morning you can heat them in the microwave if you use the glass lunchboxes then store them in the Baskets for schoolchildren of your children or the tasting bag for employees of your spouse.

Keep your meal warm and cold.

You can vary your meals, hot or cold thanks to insulated meal bag. The isothermal bags allow you to keep your meals warm and cold.

These bags are covered from inside an isothermal material to maintain the temperature for hours. There are also models that can be connected via USB to maintain the temperature of its container until lunch.

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