L'histoire du Sac a dos Yves Saint Laurent femme

A major element of the history of contemporary fashion, discover the successful, but often tumultuous story, of theBackpacks Yves Saint Laurent.

After the industrial revolution, a flood of fashion brands designed and shaped our way of dressing and transporting objects. However, for a long time, the creations were more inspired by tradition, as we can see in the Gucci bags with their references to horse riding. It all started to change after the Second World War and the backpack yves saint laurent femme And other articles of the creator were at the forefront of fashion, responding to his time.

Today, Yves Saint Laurent is a world renowned brand whose range of fashion products is appreciated by the highest spheres of the company. However, the path that led to this immense recognition was not easy. Here we explore the story of this famous brand in detail.

Backpack yves saint laurent femme

The YSL backpack

Yves Saint Laurent - The Creator
Born in 1936 in Algeria of French parents, Yves Saint Laurent is one of the most influential French fashion designers of the 20th century. He is often given the merit of having helped his country to be reborn from his ashes and to regain his influential position on the international scene. It was in 1961 that he founded his eponymous fashion brand and redefined the future of fashion.

At the age of 17, he was registered in the Haute Couture Syndicale Chamber in Paris and wasted no time. Very quickly, he put himself under the supervision of Christian Dior and learned from the master the basics of his unique expressions. In 1957, barely 21 years old, he found himself at the head of the Dior house, after the sudden death of his master.

Not being afraid to direct this incredible brand, Yves saves the brand from its financial ruin mentor and introduces a new softer look for its collection of spring 1958. This propelled it to the top of world acclamations, with the dress Now known as "Trapeze Dress", a huge critical success.

However, the Algerian war, combined with a physical and mental illness, ends its collaboration with Dior, before it created its own fashion brand. This extremely influential creator died in 2008.

Yves Saint Laurent Ysl - The brand

In 1961, Yves and his partner Pierre Bergé launched their own brand, Yves Saint Laurent Ysl. During the first decade of their trip, the brand revolutionized luxury fashion with a creative influx of streetwear and continental inspiration. It was at this point that they popularized trends such as the Beatnik look, tight pants, safari jackets for men and women, high boots with thigh height and, finally, the classic costume of Smoking for women.

The same philosophy applies to the design and production of Yves Saint Laurent bags: a avant-garde style, close to the street, but with an elegance without compromise.

Today, like the backpack Kenzo Their collection includes ready-to-wear for men and women, leather goods, jewelry, shoes and a line of beauty products made by L'Oréal.

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