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Have you ever heard of the aquarium backpack?

Unlike ordinary pets such as chameleons, dogs, cats and others, fish are relegated to an aquarium, which means that you cannot get them out.

Thanks to the wonders of the Internet, you can show them online, but what if you really want to get your fish out? Well, the good news is that there is the aquarium backpack that will allow you to do so. As the name of the product suggests, it is an aquarium in a backpack, which means that it is completely transparent with the exception of seams and that it has an adjustable shoulder strap and padded to wear it on your back.

Aquarium backpack

The bag is handcrafted, on order, by UV Production House It has a self-cleaning function. For the sum (ridiculous!) Of American dollars, you make sure the full backpack with red fish, rocks, snails, plants and smells.

Between us, it must be really heavy. I mean, the water is heavy and the movement only adds strength on your back, it will be worth it if it is used to show your award -winning, prized and mild little name of Moris. But we think that fish in general will not be very enthusiastic about a walk in the park.


Moris the Red Fish

Fortunately, this is of course more an artistic work than a way to show your aquatic friends. We do not recommend anyone with an ounce of lucidity to transport your fish using a backpack!

It seems that with UV Production House is decided to buried deeply in the bottom of their site this ridiculous concept of aquarium backpack. In my humble opinion, the PETA to ring at their door to go to war and that's good! It must be said that one can find on their site a "pocket of tears of men" or even a "pee transformer into drinking water".

As for us, we sell a real backpack used to transport what is really necessary for you! Do not hesitate to explore our Sac-àdos.com site.

Women's backpack

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