Faut il opter pour un cartable a roulettes ?

The satchels are intended to contain the school affairs of children. Taking several forms, there are classic satchels and school bags on wheels. Several children want the satchels on wheels. We think they are easy to wear but the road to school is not always flat. Once on their backs, they weigh heavier. Saystables harming on the back, these backpack are not always advised by doctors and are not always authorized in schools.

What is a Roulette satchel?

The satchels on wheels are school backpacks. Basically they are fitted with wheels in the inner part on the side of the back and two feet from the outside to keep the satchel standing on the ground. Shooting is fixed on the bag to be able to wear it more easily on a flat surface. They were designed to prevent children from having back pain. These satchels have this more compared to classic satchels but they are not always suitable if you have to wear it on the back. Some schools prohibit it. Try not to make a misstep for the Back to School !

Does the Roulette School suit children?

Books, notebooks, pens, taste ... You can say that it is really a hassle for children to wear a heavy schoolbag on long distances to go for the school. With the casters, it's easier, children almost feel like they are doing nothing at all. But it must be put in mind that on the way there are almost all dirt that will stick on the casters of the bag. To reach the classroom, children sometimes have to climb the stairs. The casters will not be of any use and the weight of the bag would weigh much heavier. Noisy, these satchels are prohibited in a lot of school.

Boy backpack

Which satchel should you choose?

You might as well opt for a Light satchel without casters. It is certain that our children will have no problem with the teacher because the classic satchels will not cause noise. You have to make sure that the satchel will appeal to both the child and that it can wear it easily. It is better to take a satchel with two compartments to put heavier supplies in the inner part, that is to say on the side of the back and the lightest in the other part.

The sizes of a school bag

There are different sizes for school bags. Each size is suitable for a level of education. For example, the size between 35 and 38 cm is ideal for CP and CE1. Size 41 cm for CE2.

Weight rule of a satchel

According to some pediatricians, the weight of an empty satchel should not exceed 1.5 kg. On the other hand, it should not exceed 10% of the child's weight when filled with supplies and books .

Comfort and ergonomics of a satchel or a backpack

It is recommended to favor these two criteria when buying a satchel or a backpack. Reason is the prevention of back pain and curvatures impacting the child's bone health.

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