Choisir les meilleurs sacs à dos pour les enfants

How to choose the best backpacks for children?

Even if it is tempting to seize a bag on sale or that stages the fashion character character, keep these practical considerations in mind when you buy this essential equipment for the start of the school year.

A backpack leaves with your child in the morning and stays with him until his return home. It is essential to contain supplies, books and a lunch (and maybe even some hopes and dreams).

It is therefore not surprising that children prefer to choose backpacks that show their personality and their centers of interest. "The backpack is a reflection of the child," explains Pam Jones, a senior designer of the travel division at L.L. Bean.

"If he breaks down for any reason or breaks, it's more than a drawback, it's like a punctured tire." Even if your child revolves around a backpack with his character or his favorite color, it is important to test it to control the quality and see if the backpack is comfortable.

Do lightning closures work effortlessly? The curls open and close easily? Turn it over backpack And look for a "finished" seam; The threads must not have flavored edges or down, says Mr. Jones. If you want to buy a new backpack, keep these tips in mind to choose one that your child loves and which can also last a few years.


Choose the best backpacks for children


Look for a pair of large padded straps to help you distribute the weight uniformly and reduce the risk of tension or muscle injury, explains Doctor Benjamin Hoffman, pediatrician and director of the Tom Sargent security center at the DoernBer children's hospital , in Portland, Oregon.

The narrow straps and the transport bags with a strap exert too much pressure on a small part of the body, he adds. (If you wear them, the messenger bags must be carried diagonally on the chest for better support; do not hang them on a shoulder as you would for a handbag).

Some bags are also equipped with a strap of size or chest, which allows additional support. When you adjust the straps for your child, make sure the bag is well adjusted to the body and that it does not bow down.



Pin the padding

The dorsal panel and the suspenders must be padded with foam, explains Mr. Jones. Check comfort, support and sustainability by performing a "rebound test".

Just press the area and wait until the foam resumes its initial shape. "It should not burst like bubble wrap or fold like waxed paper," says Jones.



Make room for the most part

It is important that the backpack can easily contain a 2 or 3 -inch three -round filler as well as other essential items for the class. However, the bigger is not always better.

"If the foam cushion arrives at the back of the neck or head, the bag is too large; the foam cushion must be relative to the child's chest," explains Mr. Jones.

And pay attention to zipper pockets that can safely contain objects such as pencils, identity cards or phones while providing easy access. Package compartments for computers and other heavy objects also help to lighten the load, explains Dr. Hoffman.


Take into account equipment and supplements

Tissue :

Synthetic fabrics, such as nylon or polyester, are more water resistant but less ecological than natural fibers, explains Rebecca Schuiling, professor of design of clothing and textiles at the State University of Michigan.

If the sustainability of the environment matters to you - and your child does not tend to overthrow his waste - look for a backpack made of natural fibers like hemp.

Lightning closures:

Quality zippers that close smoothly and do not hang on the fabric tend to last longer. In general, the Velcro is not as durable as a well -made zipper.


For increased protection against cars and bikes in the evening and night, many backpacks are equipped with reflective panels. If you are targeting a bag that is not equipped with a reflector, add one to clip.


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A roller bag can be a good option to lighten the load, because the wheels allow children not to carry the whole weight of the books on their shoulders.

However, the practical appearance of the roller bags is accompanied by two reservations: your child must be strong enough to set up a volley of stairs (if there are no ramps or elevators at school) And be able to drive it in snowy weather (if you live in a region where there is snow).

So choose a bag that rolled gently and that is not too large or bulky for your child, recommends Dr. Hoffman. Or consider choosing one with two wheels of aligned wheels.

"They are silent, absorb shocks and wear out well. They are easy to control and less bulky than four -wheeled baggage," explains Mr. Jones. And always look for a robust and easy -to -lengthen handle.

Choose the best backpacks for children


Tips to prepare the backpack

Do not overload it. A good basic rule is to ensure that the maximum weight of the package, when it is completely loaded, does not exceed 10 to 20 % of the child's weight, explains Dr. Hoffman. For example, a 25 kg child should not carry more than 6 on his back.

Make your bags more intelligently. Store the heaviest objects - books, binders and laptop or tablet - closest to the child's back for better weight distribution.

Use lockers. Encourage your child to unload and load their bag frequently, transporting as many objects as possible. If your child has access to a locker or even a tote in the office, he should take advantage of it.

Doctors generally note that children are more often victims of injuries related to sport growing, and these injuries can be linked to back pain. "We see a lot of tensions in the lower back by doing athletics," said Dr. Hoffman. "We do not know if wearing heavy loads plays a role, but I cannot imagine that it helps.



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