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The different types and criteria for choosing schoolbags

The satchel is an important accessory for a child regardless of age and level of schooling.


Choice of satchel

Criteria to take into account to choose a children's satchel

The first criterion for choosing a satchel is the child's level of schooling. In kindergarten for example, the child will need a maternal satchel.

The weight ofbackpack also represents an essential criterion. Indeed, to preserve the health of the child, it is recommended that parents buy him a light schoolbag.

Resistance to bad weather can also be a significant criterion for the purchase of school bags. It is for this reason that parents favor the waterproof satchel.

Scholable for boy

School school types

The purchase of online school supplies: the happiness of parents!

The satchel is certainly purchased for its attractive design but also for the comfort and preservation of the child's health. Consequently, the advice that parents must follow when buying a satchel for their child is to favor their health. It is a question of preventing back pain and poor posture of the child caused by an uncomfortable schoolbag or backpack. At school, the satchel and the wheeled bag can be a solution to preserve the child's bone health still fragile at this age.

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Select your satchel, taking into account the age and size of your child, but also taking into account the volume of its future content.

The school bag

Shoulder bag

The most classic way to wear a satchel or a school bag is on the back via the suspenders. The shoulder port is also another way of carrying this school accessory. We thus speak of a shoulder bag by reference to this way of carrying this type of bag. It is available under several types like the giberious or the bag.

Shall for CE1, CE2

For parents who have children educated in CE1 or CE2, the choice of a satchel is a real headache. The basic rules to follow are simple. First, it is necessary to favor a satchel whose width does not exceed that of the back of the child. Then, the vacuum weight should not exceed 1.5 kg. Finally opt for a satchel with several compartments.

Materials for Schools

The quality of a school backpack or a satchel depends on the material with which it is made. The better the material, the better resistant will be the robustness of the backpack during the school year. For example, leather represents one of the most suitable materials in this kind of situation. Other materials are also used such as fabric, polyester ...

Scholable and safety

It is on the journey that brings them from school to their homes or vice versa that schoolchildren may be victims of road accidents in this case or during low visibility. To better see them, accessories are planned and sticks on the satchel like reflective bands or stickers reflecting light.

Scholable for girls

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