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Sac à Dos Bandoulière Homme - Bandoulière - Bandoulière

Men's shoulder backpack

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Sac à Dos Foot - Petit - Ados - Cartable - Enfant - Foot -

Football backpack

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Sac à Dos Fille Primaire - Cartable - Enfant - Fille - Fille

Primary girl backpack

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Professional backpack

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Chic woman backpack

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Small leather woman backpack

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The news

Petite Sacoche Homme Bandoulière - Bandoulière - Homme -

Petite Sacoche Homme Bandoulière

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Petit Sac Pour Homme - Homme - Petit - Sacoche

Men's little bag

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Petite Sacoche Homme

Small men's bag

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Sac à Dos Garçon Primaire - Garçon - Primaire

Primary boy backpack

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Sac a Dos Glaciere

Gorgeous backpack

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Sac a Dos Cute - Cartable - Chat - Chaton - Cute - Kawaii

Backpack Cute

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Because our customers' advice is important.

Very good product

Super quality product I recommend, not too large for a 50l.

Good quality product

Good backpack, excellent material, inserts in a little rigid imitation leather. The backpack is spacious, but the pockets for small things are small.

I recommend.

Very beautiful and very good quality. I will buy other colors to use on my tracks. A little long delivery.

Very nice super quality backpack

This is the second backpack that I order, very cute, the seams are neat, small but spacious backpack well wrapped.


Very large and pretty, excellent quality backpack I arrived super fast, it took about 12 days

Super backpack

Super backpack, beautiful color, I really liked it.

Practical and quality

It is perfect for the schooling of my son in CE2
Practical it is compartmentalized to store business and easily find them
Spacious it contains large binders etc ...
It is solid, beautiful and comfortable to wear
I recommend

Everything is fine, perfect

Very convenient. Protects against sudden falls. machine washable. Easy to handle and very soft

Emilie R
Perfect satchel

Good quality satchel
He has two large pockets, one small to put the agenda and another on the front to put key mask

Best urban backpack

Whether to go to work, travel, hiking or simply walking, well Choosing your bag is important

As important as choosing shoes suitable for your activity, because a bad choice can cause irritation and pain. The backpack should be adapted to your activities. It should be comfortable and make your life easy with its features.


To help you find The perfect bag, design counts a lot. From a sober bag to the more extravagant models with the effigy of your heroes, each has their own style.

If wearing the bag has long been acquired to women, it recently tends to become commonplace in men, thus breaking with a long tradition which did not tolerate the male gen that the legendary the case attaché.

The backpack has long been shunned by adults and adored by teens. You can accommodate all your things, while calling and tasting a red fruit smoothie. You just have to make the right choice. In recent years, he has been making a return in force and has become an object where technique and design have been mixed harmoniously.


Appeared in the 19th century, the Modern backpack was able to carve out a place of choice in our daily life, and this since our earliest childhood.

And it is all the more true that, unlike a few decades ago, the backpack is no longer intended only for schoolchildren, students, soldiers, athletes and mountaineers.

Indeed, since the 90s, large designers and fashion designers have also taken hold of the backpack to make it a fashion accessory to wear (almost) on all occasions.

Today, backpacks, especially those medium and high -end, are light, ergonomic, waterproof, multifunction ... and above all, elegant and chic! Some models can accommodate a laptop, and have many compartments to organize the content of the bag as well as possible. What delight working girls and businessmen!

The backpack enters, therefore, in competition with the handbag, the bag, the shopping bag, the backpack, the sack and the suitcase.

So which backpack to choose? What are the advantages of this equipment? When preferred the bag, the shopping bag, the satchel, the bag or the suitcase? We take stock.


The main characteristics of the backpack

To wear on the back, the backpack is both utilitarian and fashion equipment. It is provided with two suspenders which make the weight of the equipment it contain on the wearer shoulders rest.

All backpacks generally include:

  • a back panel;
  • adjustable, padded or not;
  • an internal reinforcement to support the weight of the bag;
  • a large main compartment;
  • One or more storage pockets.

And depending on the chosen bag model, other types of accessories can be added to this list: one or more additional compartments, an abdominal belt, a chest strap, a gourd case, side straps to hang on equipment, charger and/or integrated USB port, etc.

The advantages of a backpack

Comfortable and practical, the backpack is prized as much men as women, young and old, for the many advantages it presents:

  • equipment that leaves both hands free;
  • Practical, functional and aesthetic tool;
  • Accessory that gives a young dynamic and sporty look;
  • real fashion accessory;
  • Equipment made to relieve the body (cervical, backbone, shoulder blades, etc.) when transporting objects;
  • Comfortable portage to go to school or work, and also on long distances (hiking or travel), thanks to the suspenders and the abdominal belt.

The backpacks are offered in different sizes. Choose an adapted to the length of your back.

Note that the ideal backpack for you must give you the impression that it is an extension of your body.

What choice of backpack according to its use?

The unique backpack no longer exists today. Many models of backpacks, which can be classified by type of use, are indeed offered on the market. Whether in cotton, canvas, imitation leather or synthetic material (polyester, polyurethane, etc.), each bag model has certain characteristics that are clean:

  • the backpack for schoolboy : a large main compartment, a frontal pocket, interior and exterior pockets, quilted back, quilted and adjustable straps, ergonomic carrying handle. Sober and refined style or more modern design, a wide variety of colors and patterns, ease of use, robustness. Volume: 8 to 20 liters (primary school), 20 to 30 liters (secondary school);

  • the student backpack : a large main compartment, a padded computer pocket, quilted back, quilted and adjustable straps. Different styles, waterproof and robust bag. Volume: 15 liters (or even less) at 35 liters;

  • the backpack for work : a padded computer pocket, numerous compartments and storage pockets, ergonomic and padded straps, etc. Classic, sober or design style. Volume: 15 to 30 liters;

  • the hiking backpack : several storage compartments and pockets, quilted straps, a solid abdominal belt, etc. Volume: 30 to 55 liters;

  • the Trekking backpack (several days hike): several storage compartments and pockets, quilted straps, adjustable lumbar straps that are wider than those of a hiking bag, etc. Volume: 55 to 75 liters;

  • the bicycle backpack (Mountain bike & cycling): Several compartments, a back panel in airy mesh to keep your back in the fridge, a pectoral and abdominal strap, a water pocket. Volume: 10 to 30 liters.

In particular concerning the backpacks dedicated to hiking, they are always equipped with an abdominal belt. The role of this is to distribute the weight of the bag over the carrier's hips, in order to increase the comfort of portage. The hiking backpack is mainly used for hiking and trekking weekends in refuge.

The bicycle backpack, meanwhile, has a water pocket as well as a ventilation system. Bringing water is essential when you cycling, so as not to finish all dehydrated!

Regarding the backpack for men or businesswoman, in addition to a laptop compartment, it can also include an integrated charger intended to easily load a mobile phone or a tablet.

In any case, whatever the backpack model you choose, make sure it offers you as much comfort as possible. Especially if you have to wear it on long journeys, whether to go to school or work, or for a hike or a trip.

The different alternatives to the backpack: satchel, bag, bag and suitcase

Despite their practical and aesthetic side which continues to improve over time, however, the backpacks do not necessarily suit neither to everyone's taste nor to all situations. Some people blame them for their style that is too "teenagers" or too "adventurous".

In addition, if you want to travel with fragile or cycling equipment, opt for a more suitable type of container remains preferable.

The alternatives to backpacks are therefore in particular:

  • The bags bags, more formal and more professional than backpacks. Note that there are also models of convertible bags into backpacks;

  • The shopping bags, also called oversized bags or tote bags. They accompany the female gender for both chic and relaxed occasions. The shopping bag, much more feminine than a backpack, can accommodate a laptop, sports business (clothes, shoes, etc.) or shopping items;

  • The satchels, according to specialists, guarantee better posture for children. We can therefore naturally ask ourselves the question of which in which case buy a satchel rather than a backpack;

  • The bags, very popular with bicycle travelers. The bags can be installed at the front and back of the bike, in the means (or not) of dedicated luggage rack;

  • Flexible or rigid suitcases, on wheels or not: robust, the rigid suitcase allows you to transport fragile objects safely. As for the flexible suitcase, it has the advantage of being expandable to accommodate a surplus of clothes and other personal effects.

So, are you rather backpack, or do you prefer to wear other types of bags?

4 tips for loading your backpack

Whether you go hiking or a simple walk, the backpack is a major ally. It allows you to transport everything you need, whether for a few hours or a trek of several days.

Choosing the right backpack and using it wisely is a first step. However, it is also essential it is also essential. This will allow you to avoid discomfort that would spoil your getaway.

For this, here are four tips to follow: select your backpack model well so that it is adapted to your need, as well as take -out items, distribute the weight and optimize your storage.

Choose the right backpack to prepare it effectively

The first element, to pack an effective hiking backpack, is to choose the suitable model.

Depending on its capacity

If you are leaving for a a few hours hike, you will need a bag with a lower capacity compared to a route of several days. The volume of the bag, indicated in liters, will however depend on several criteria - and it can vary depending on the hike:

  • the equipment you are going to take (sleeping bag and tries for the night, stove, food and water, etc.);
  • the climate (you will need more clothes if it is cold or it rains);
  • If you have to wear the equipment of other people (children for example).

Be sure not to choose a hiking backpack with too large a volume. You would then be tempted to fill it and take unnecessary things. This will make you the additional weight to wear.

Depending on your morphology

Men and women are not made in exactly the same way. This is why you will find suitable hiking backpacks, in particular the belt.

Choose your backpack model depending on its capacity in liters, but also its ergonomics, whether you are a man or a woman. You ensure a certain comfort.

If you have trouble making your choice, compare prices, opinions, opening system (some hiking backpacks have a double opening, top and bottom), materials (leather, recycled fabric ).

Take only the elements you need

If you go hiking for several days, it is necessary to take the strict minimum to facilitate comfort and carrying. This will prevent you from overloading unnecessary objects, and the preparation of your hiking backpack will only be simplified.

To do this, start by making a standard list of business that will be essential for this trip. Think of the sleeping bag, the tent, a front lamp to see in the dark, the equipment to warm your meals, your camera, suitable clothes, etc.

Perhaps you will need to buy some items for your trip: favor the practical side. To dress you, breathable or thermoregulatory thermo materials are interesting.

If you are a fashion follower, some brands offer ingenious clothes with different uses (sweater/vest/skirt for women for example). Materials are suitable for travel. It is the same for backpacks, both design, with pretty materials like leather, and the practical side.

Also think of the famous 2-in-1 for objects: a single article for two uses, the ideal for reducing volume and facilitating the portage of your backpack.

If you have trouble limiting yourself, it is said that a backpack should not exceed 20 % of the weight of his wearer, man as a woman. This can give you an indication.

Distribute the charges

Once your backpack is chosen and your belongings combined, it's time to load it. To do this, start by identifying the heaviest elements. If you go with several, distribute them according to their weight, your hiking backpacks and your respective capacities.

Then organize your personal backpack so that the carrying is easy:

  1. For your comfort, the heaviest elements will be placed in the center of the backpack. This will prevent you from being unbalanced by the weight. If you go to the mountains, place them a little lower.

  1. Start by loading the most bulky and light elements at the bottom, which will not be useful during the day (sleeping bag, pillow, mattress for the night).

  1. Then put the heavy and bulky items.

  1. Finish with smaller items on top and side pockets.

  1. Keep water and eat during the day, without having to undo your hiking bag. Leaving them in an accessible pocket can be a solution, in the particular belt. Also provide practical storage or a pocket for your camera. You will not be able to wear it in a strap throughout your progress.

Use storage accessories to organize it

To optimize the capacity of your hiking backpack and save space, think of choosing useful accessories:

  • A compression bag will save space by reducing the volume of your pillow and sleeping bag;

  • Kits will allow you to store small accessories and find them easily;

  • A waterproof pocket can be practical to protect your fragile documents;

  • bags (freezing type) are useful and very light;

  • If you take spare clothes, sub-tests will allow you to keep them stored, while avoiding that they do not dirty;

  • Do not forget the bag to be placed on your hiking backpack to protect it in the event of bad weather, to be kept on top.

You just have to make the settings for your hiking backpack for departure!

Backpacks for children

Babies and their cuddly and pacifier, to children and their favorite toys through teens who transport their dreams and desires.

They all need a bag to transport their worlds but for them it is not just a means of transport, the bag defines them by its style. Whether through the image of his favorite cartoon, his film hero or the latest fashionable manga. They will all be proud to have on their backs this means of standing out and showing the world what they are.

Of course the bag choices at 13 will not be as simple as those is 2 years old, but you can count on us to accompany you, advise you in your choices.

We strive to bring together on our site, the maximum of relevant choices for your children and if the style is important, their health is for us essential.

A bad bag choice can be devastating for the health of your children, simple streams in the lower back has long -term problems. It is obviously worth watching them the best, on our blog you can find posts containing free professionals advice so as not to be mistaken and understand how to make the right choice.