Garcon maternal school bag


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The Garcon maternal school bag stands out for its animal patterns and its neoprene coating.

Its Doudou side has something to delight toddlers taking their first steps in kindergarten class. Light and practical, this small bag available at a reasonable price will make more than one crack!

the Garcon maternal school bag Includes a compartment - not compatible with the A4 format - which can be used to take away some treasures, the favorite toy, a small gourd or even a snack. It is completely doubled to avoid disasters in the event of a small gourd of compote. It closes with ease by means of a zipper.

the Garcon maternal school bag Complete with comfort on the shoulders with its adjustable straps at size. Arriving in class, it is possible to hang him at a coat door using his little handle.

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  • Main material: neoprene
  • Closure type: zipper
  • Type: backpack
  • Article weight: 0.17kg
  • Material composition: neoprene
  • Article height: 26cm
  • Type of pattern: Cartoon
  • Genre: Unisex
  • Article width: 8 cm
  • Article length: 21cm
  • Article type: School bags
  • Suitable for age: 2-5 years
  • Applies to the school period: preschool, kindergarten, toddlers

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