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Are you looking for a transport bag for PS5? He's there !

Have you just been able to get your PS5 after months of research or are you one of the lucky ones to have it since the day of its release?

Now it is time for departure on vacation or a weekend with a friend or family, ok but not without your PS5. We have an effective solution at SAGDE.COM.

the PS5 transport bag is easy to transport outside, its dimensions are 41.5 x 28 x 16.5 cm, it is also discreet without large logo that can betray its precious content. It has easy access to your gamepad with its zipper opening. Your controller will therefore be protected against scratches during transport.

The bag has an inner lining in soft fabric, so as not to scratch or leave any trace on your console, you will find a drizzle pocket inside for the wiring.

The robust hull of the bag offers ultimate protection against blows, falls, shocks and splashes that a trip can bring.

Do not hesitate to visit ourMen's collection, bags by ten, just for you. Also available Le trendy man backpack which has a most trendy casual style.

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