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Technical backpack


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The technical backpack corresponds to what was previously called the hiking backpack.

thetechnical backpackhas a sporty look and goes everywhere available in various colors. Very practical and ergonomic, it brings together many advantages to easily face the busy days, or for short stays of 2 or 3 days.

In order to transport thistechnical backpackWith all serenity, it has very comfortable straps. These are reinforced using a thick foam and anti -sweating fabric. The back is quilted to avoid pain at the end of the day linked to a bag that is too heavy or badly adjusted. Finally, it is quickly worn thanks to its upper handle.

Inside, the large compartment can accommodate many personal effects such as professional documents, pockets, binders (it is compatible with the A4 format), books, or some clothes, toiletries or 15 inch maximum. Outside, two side pockets allow you to take a bottle of water, a gourd, an umbrella.

  • Main material: PU
  • Technique: embossing
  • Genre: Unisex
  • Backpack type: flexible backpack
  • Interior: Interior compartment
  • Handle/bracelet type: flexible handle
  • Article type: backpacks
  • Closure type: zipper
  • Rain blanket: yes
  • Portage system: nerve bridging technique
  • Lining material: polyester


It was specially designed for crossfit athletes, here is theCrossFit backpack. Always more choices in the collectiontravel backpackFor always more adventure.

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