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The Garcon maternal backpack is distinguished by its patterns of adorable animals and its polyester coating.

It has the particularity of having a comforter aspect which will be enough to delight kindergarten children. Light and practical, its reasonable price will crack more than one!

the Garcon maternal backpack is provided with a compartment - not compatible with the A4 format - is the perfect size for taking a toy with you, a snack and what coloring. It has an inner lining to protect what it contains from humidity. It closes easily by means of a zipper.

the Garcon maternal backpack Was without incident on the back using its adjustable straps that will adapt to the size of your child. Its port handle allows it to grasp it by hand in no time, or to hang it on a hook.

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  • Main material: polyester
  • Article width: 11cm
  • Article length: 24cm
  • Item type: Children's backpack
  • Closure type: zipper
  • Type: backpack
  • Article weight: 0.24 kg
  • Article height: 31cm
  • Material composition: polyester
  • Type of pattern: animal prints

It stands out for its animal patterns and its neoprene coating, here is the Garcon maternal school bag.

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