Quel sac à dos pour la maternelle ?

Your child is growing up and the first return to kindergarten points to his nose ... An important step for your child and for you parents (this is the opinion of a dad who lived it!).

We are a few days before the start of the school year, it is the ideal timing for choosing a good schoolbag for your toddler. But Which bag to choose for kindergarten? 

The choice of her first bag is never easy, so I will give you some tips for making the best choice, a bag adapted to your child. At Sac-à-dos.com, we offer a complete collection of backpack that will appeal to boys and girls.

Bags for children

Our advice to choose the right bag.

To start this first school year, it is vital to make the right choice for a satchel adapted to the class, age and morphology of your children.

Your child will especially be guided by the general design of the bag, thanks to his hero illustrations or his color. We parents have a little more criterion to take into account to make the perfect purchase.

For kindergarten, the best choice is that of a light satchel, well suited to the size of your child, practical with a few pockets and ergonomic.

Many sites will tell you that you have to make a choice depending on the resistance but in fact the satchels often remain on a coat rack throughout the day, except for school trips along the year.

What size of the satchel to choose?

Your child's bag should never be wider than his shoulders. For children from small and medium section, I recommend a backpack of a size ranging from 27 to 34 cm high and not much more than 25 cm wide.

Most of the time, from the large kindergarten section, you will be asked for a bag capable of containing an A4 format notebook (24x32cm).

From this moment there, it will be time for a larger satchel of a size of 35 to 38 cm in height and from 26 cm to 30 cm wide.

The advantage of a bag of this size is that it will be completely compatible for the start of the school year in primary school with the arrival of books, notebooks and other supplies.

Child with his schoolbags Small Kindergarten section

Here is Nathan has his first school year in the classes.

A good bag is light, practical and comfortable

Whether for kindergarten or primary school, it is vital to choose a light bag, the health of your child's health.

The weight of his bag, once filled, must absolutely not exceed the limit of 10 % of the weight of your child.

I can assure you that this rule must remain engraved in your time each year and throughout your child's education.

I personally have a very bad posture today because of the weight of the bag I wore at the time of college, far too busy for me.

In class of small, medium and large section, it is fortunately quite simple to manage, because the child brings very little with him with the school (a blanket, a gourd, a spare outfit and rarely other thing).

Indeed, school affairs remain in the classes and go out most of the time only on vacation time.

In kindergarten, the satchel mainly serves as a bag to taste, with possibly the presence of the comforter for the time of the nap as said above.

maternal child

For maximum comfort and protect your child's back, good advice is to choose a bag with wide and padded straps.

You must adjust them according to the physique of your. The straps must be short, the satchel must be well stuck on the back, it will avoid shooting on his shoulders and give him the bad habit of this vaul forward.

Once the straps are well adjusted, they keep the bag in an ideal position and ideally distribute the weight of the bag.

Finding a light and comfortable bag is a first step, the bag must also be practical and ergonomic. Your child must be able to open it and close it on its own as a big one.

Kindergarten for the small section and medium section

Sac-àdos.com has selected for you a selection of your children's collection, small light backpacks, suitable for children 3 years old and 4 years old. These satchels are shallow and have a resistant handle, which will allow the child to hang him on his coat rack in the class.

And because the design of the bag is important to assert the identity of your child, we offer sesables in various colors and illustrations. For most children, having a bag that he likes is a source of motivation to go to school and show it to his friends or simply go out with his bag on his back.

Little girl plush backpack

Little girl plush backpack

Here is a double -use little girl's stuffed backpack, toy and bag!

Bags more cute than the other! More than a bag, also a plush and a blanket! Perfect for transporting your little girl's dreams.

the Little girl plush backpackis the perfect ally for little girls looking for an adorable satchel. It consists of nylon, solid and durable! In addition, to support wear throughout the year, it has reinforcements on seams. Its small format and featherweight are perfect for taking all your little treasures in kindergarten or family.

To discover here !

Little girl plush backpack

Maternal unicorn backpack

What a little girl never dreamed of having her own unicorn, especially to go to kindergarten. This backpack is there for that.

Available in 3 models with each a different color, it will transport your child's affairs to kindergarten. Its 26 cm size remains standard and will be perfect for daily use for a little girl.

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Robot -shaped backpack

Available in 4 models with each a different color, it will transport your child's business to kindergarten. Its 31 cm size remains standard and will be perfect for daily use for your children.

To discoverhere !

Scholars for the large section class and for CP

From 5 years or 6 years old, you can opt for a larger bag.

You have been full of advice for your child's bag! In summary, aim for lightness, comfort and ergonomics. Do not see too much, because in kindergarten, children have very little business. More choices on our site Bag-to-dos.com.

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