Comment laver un sac à dos style Eastpak

How to wash an Eastpak backpack.

An Eastpak style fabric bag to clean? Just use a damp cloth or fabric for small spots. If you have discovered a larger stain or refuse to leave, use water and neutral soap.

Do not wash it in a washing machine, only by hand and cold. Never drying too. You can also use a universal protective spray for additional maintenance and protection, they are of the same type as those that can be found for shoes.

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Yellow backpack


How to wash a leather bag

For your backpack Made from real leather, there will be natural variations in color that make each bag single and different. All of his methods also work for imitation leather bags.

To maintain your leather bag, clean it regularly with a soft and dry cloth. Use only colorless leather products and necessarily test them before a less visible area. The Leather coat products can do the trick. In the maintenance of your leather bag the error is often fatal.

Do not wash your bag and no chemical cleaners. Try to keep it continuously dry and avoid contact with damp or wet surfaces.

Trendy woman backpack

An example in imitation leather the Trendy woman backpack

Water -resistant bag

The external material of most of our bags is not waterproof, but water resistant and this difference is important.

Light and water can lead to wear and tear of this layer and prolonged exposure to rain can cause leaks in terms of seams and zippers. You can help protect your bag by treating it regularly with a water -repellent.

Trekking backpack 50L

Our trekking bags are water -resistant like the Camping backpack

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